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E-blast marketing solutions.

What we do for you while you're working on other things:
Management Service

Strategic Planning & Execution of Campaigns: Our management team knows how to help clients achieve their goals. We guide clients on how to use a combination of cutting-edge e-mail marketing techniques along with traditional proven marketing methods. We say, “From Sign-Up To Success!“

Copywriting Service

Writing Sales & Informational Copy: We provide full-service e-blast copywriting, and writing for all other needs like: websites, brochures, media kits, PR, instructional booklets, and more! We're enthusiastic to help, because we know writing something over-and-over requires time. Precious time...

Graphic Design Service
Graphic Design

Creative Design & Content Layout: Creative power and style are what you need to represent your business and marketing through e-mail, while portraying a level of professionalism. No matter if it's 2D, 3D, static, animated, in print, or for the web... we can ace it for you!

Coding Service

Simple. Clean. Efficient Coding: Our code teams are experts at taking a completed design, and efficiently turning it into a professionally coded e-blast. We'll handle the whole Drip Campaign! No problem - we've been developing on the Web for 20+ years. We can guide your code strategy.

Deployment Service

Send E-mail Blasts & Automated E-mail Messages: is a powerful cross-platform marketing tool offering deployment of smart electronic blasting campaigns. We provide email blasting, smart SMS/MMS messaging, and other supporting services for small, medium, and large sized businesses.

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Business Growth
Business Growth

E-mails send while you focus on other work, or maybe even catchup on some sleep! Let our team of experts work hard to make you look good, and grow your very own lead tree!

Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness

Your dedicated Management Team will keep your brand fresh and current. The value created, and time saved by our whiteglove email experts, enhance your overall branding capabilities.

Better ROI
Better ROI

''For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment.'' (-Experian) This is a fact folks, and it's why you should use e-blasting to drive your leads home.

Keep Leads Hot
Keep'em Hot

Let our fine system, and our excellent staff work around-the-clock, so you don't have to! We can keep leads hot by planning campaigns, and continually improve a results-based strategy.

Idea Growth
Idea Growth

SMS/MMS combined with well-timed well-planned e-blasts can make all the difference in achieving success. Otherwise, you may not penetrate the clutter to get your word out.


We keep it simple: Research, Design, Implement, Evaluate. We're accountable to our results in a way you're probably not used to! We take pride in fighting for your goals.

We got this!

We'll work hard to impress you with your own branding, and marketing promotions. We listen... then produce magic.

Lean on our process to develop a campaign for your business use. We can conquer your simplest to most complex tasks.

We bring a variety of powerful e-mail, and text message tools to the table. Our methods can certainly help you achieve your goals.

Our invoicing is completely itemized, and informative. We understand - as fellow entrepreneurs we fully appreciate - the effort and value behind your marketing investment. We take our work very seriously, and provide an excellent service.

Our initial branding was improved with the help of the gurus at e-blasting! It was a crucial step that needed to be taken before we went big. Easy to work with. We love the Briefcase sharing!

Eric A. & Dylan R. Owners, Famous Food Festival

A good objective opinion can be worth gold, and a great opinion can make the difference in wasting money, or spending it efficiently. My gang over there seems to ace any challenge!

Nicole R. Owner, Acupuncture Wellness Services

Our work partnership with has truly paid off. As we continue to unravel the complexities of our business, the managers and designers have really jumped and made our goals their mission.

Lisa C. CEO, BriefcaseCloud

You choose...

We can be an extra on-call experienced hand to help
We can guide you with our 20+ years of experience
We can create and execute the entire agreed upon plan

Campaign development overview...

While Drip Campaigns may contain many E-blast Drips, this example streamlines the process down to its simplest form.

“The correct tools in the right hands produce desirable outcomes.”

-Robert R., CEO –


We are valuable objective opinions. Our team has been strategically executing marketing strategies for 20+ years. We’ll demystify better ROI’s from e-mail and text message marketing. Rely on us for: Professional Copywriting, Professional Graphic Design, Professional Code Engineering, Professional Project Management.

Precision Marketing Strategies

Why not “borrow” us on-demand when you need help?

No term contract. No retainer. No cancellation fees. No service minimums.
Package Features
  • Send Unlimited E-blasts

  • Send Unlimited SMS/MMS

  • Multichannel Tools

  • Template Development

  • Campaign Development

  • Campaign Implementation

  • m E-blasts
  • m SMS/MMS
  • m All Tools
  • m E-blasts
  • m SMS/MMS
  • m All Tools
  • m Templates
  • m E-blasts
  • m SMS/MMS
  • m All Tools
  • m Templates
  • m Campaigns
  • m Management

Major Credit Cards Accepted
All major credit cards accepted.

How We Charge: is a monthly service with no term contract, nor spend-minimums. Our standard e-mail marketing send account cost is based on list size, and campaign send frequency (eg: Estimated send account fee calculated as such: ($0.03*Contact List Size)*Send Frequency ). Volume discounts taken into consideration for list sizes of 50,000+ contacts, and for higher send frequencies, or both. All send accounts are custom quoted based on our client’s changing needs. SMS/MMS credit cost is based on the volume purchased via text-buckets as-needed per campaign send (eg: $8.95/100, $62.95/1,000… request quote), or arranged at discount in advance as part of your e-mail marketing monthly send account cost (eg: $8.25/100, … request quote).’s whiteglove campaign development service cost (ie: copywriting, graphic design, coding, project management work) are billed hourly to-the-minute, and separate from your send account fees. Client work is transferred privately through our internal Briefcase. We are a fair company interested in earning your repeat business. It will be an enjoyable call… 888.290.6999. Let’s get to work!

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